Big Sisters Mentoring

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What we do today
makes a difference tomorrow.
Wouldn't that be something?
  • If every child fulfilled her potential?
  • If every child is set on the right path today?
  • If every child in Canada finished high school, goes to college or university, gets a job and gives back to their community?
Big Sisters Mentoring

The Big Sisters Mentoring program provides girls and young women with a role model and a friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up with.

Through regular outings, a relationship is developed between the Mentor and the Mentee, that is built on trust and common interests, and is supported by our experienced case-workers.

The result is a life-changing experience for both the Mentor and the Mentee.

Our program strives to do...
  • provide a role model and a friend for girls and young women.
  • promote the importance of staying in school and healthy relationships with family and peers.
  • instill trust and self-confidence in order to make healthy decisions.
  • encourage leadership skills and independent thinking.
  • and above all, make a difference while having fun.

The Big Sisters Mentoring program usually requires two regularly scheduled outings a month of several hours each and a minimum of 1 year commitment.

Start somethingTM

If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor or donating to the Big Sisters Mentoring program we welcome your questions. Contact us!

Still not sure mentoring is right for you? Try our Online Orientation!

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