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Deedee and CJ1


Dee Dee is a single parent of little brother, CJ. She heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters years ago and 2 years ago enrolled CJ on the waitlist for a Big Brother. Things took a turn for the positive when, last November, Dee Dee got a call that CJ had a potential match for a Big Brother! The process went through seamlessly and CJ got his wish, to be matched with a Big Brother!

"CJ really looks forward to spending time with his Big Brother", she said. "Spending time with his Big Brother has really impacted his self confidence, improved his social skills and made him more willing to try new things", she said. CJ and his Big Brother spend time doing a wide variety of activities including Baseball, Biking, swimming, watching movies or playing video games. "It really means a lot to me as a parent to see CJ excited and have something to look forward to each week.", she said.

When asked what advice she would give parents who want to enroll their child in the program, "I would say go for it!", she said. "Even if your child is on the waitlist, don't give up!", she said. She even said that she wants CJ to become a mentor when he is older. "I believe in paying it forward", she said. "I know CJ will benefit as much as his future little brother will", she said.

When asked how she would rate the program, "From a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 12!", she said. "This program has been such a blessing to us, you have no idea!", she said. "From a mother's perspective, getting a Big Brother is better than winning the lottery!", she said.



Combo Match4


Big Sister Kristi has been matched with Little Sister, Jessie for almost 2 years (coming up in June). Jessie's father, Tom heard about the program from another agency and felt that Jessie would benefit from having a female figure in her life as he is raising her as a single dad. His feedback on how the match is going and how Jessie was benefitting was overwhelmingly positive "The program is outstanding, awesome and spectacular. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 12!"

Jessie also had a lot of great things to say about her Big Sister and the fun activities that they get up to, "She is fun and we get to do things like crafts and puzzles. We go to movies and even went fishing to Spider Lake"

Kristi also had very positive things to say about the match "It really is a very good match and most of the credit goes to the caseworker, Paulyne. It is a lot of fun we do things like gardening when the weather is good since Jessie likes to do outdoorsy things. When the weather is bad we bake or do things like that. It's easy, I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10"


When my son, Justin was 8 he was matched to a big brother named Luke Wells. The two of them were so like, it sometimes gave me deja vu as to what my son would be like as a grown up. After being matched for about 10 months Luke had to move. Justin and Luke have kept in touch over the years and Justin has even been able to visit Luke on occasion. Sometimes Luke would drive half way and I would drive half way and he would take Justin home for the weekend and then we would meet again on Sunday for me to pick Justin up and bring him home. More recently Justin was able to take the Greyhound Bus.

One day Justin and I were playing a game of -  if we won the lottery and could go anywhere in the world where would that be  - I said Africa or New York. Of all the places in the world he could visit, my son only wanted to go to be with his former Big Brother.

Justin thankfully has had a new Big Brother for two years now and they have a great relationship as well. I am so very thankful that my son has two big brothers in which to look up to and I am especially thankful that Luke has chosen to remain a part of Justin's life.

This organization completely warms my heart.


"I have been a little sister for 12 years. I was matched with my big sister when I was six years old. Having a big sister changed my life forever.

Throughout the years my big sister and I have done many things, we have attended plays, did arts and crafts, went swimming, planted a garden and many other activities. My big sister has done more than just spend time with me. She has given me self confidence and a role model to look up to. My big sister is someone I can really rely on and has attended all my important events. ...Being in this program has helped me more than anyone can ever imagine. I know that when I turn 19 I will become a mentor and give back what was given to me."

-Little Sister and
NOW Teen In-school Mentor

"I looked into the Big Brothers program for my son when he was 10 years old. Unfortunately due to a lack of resources and volunteers, my son stayed on the wait list for 5 years.

Shortly after his 15th birthday we recieved a call from the caseworker, he had finally been matched.He has now now been an active match for 5 months. I cannot stress enough the positive change this program has had on my son. Everyone who knows him, including a high school teacher has commented on the difference…He’s now gained self confidence, he engages more when spoken to, he stands taller and he’s been making better decisions. It’s like he’s finally enjoying life.

I am so grateful for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. The benefits my son has recieved from it are immeasurable."

- Parent of a Little Brother


“I love my Big Brother more than I love my guinea pig”

 - 8 year old Little Brother


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